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Swimming Pool Designs FAQ

Q: Who can buy a swimming pool plan?

We provide swimming pool plans for homeowners, contractors and architects world wide.

Q: What kind of pools do you design?

A: Our plans are engineered for steel reinforced concrete swimming pools. You can use poured in place concrete, shotcrete or gunite.

Q: What is included in a swimming pool plan?

A: Plans include swimming pool design and specifications with all diagrams and details for layout, plumbing, structural, electrical and waterfeatures. The material and equipment list is calculated to your swimming pool  design.  With this you can obtain bids from local subcontractors and suppliers.

Q: How much is a custom swimming  pool plan?

A: Price is from $1488.00 for a typical residential custom pool plans with site plan and equipment list. Site plan will be provided if you furnish us with your survey or a plot plan. Pool / Spa combos are from $1888.00. Diving and negative edge pools are from $1888.00. Some water features and options will affect the price.

Q: Why do I need a site plan?

A. Your building department may require a site plan to be submitted with your application for permit along with the swimming pool plans. It must show all property lines, any structures and the proposed swimming pool or spa.  It has to be to scale and dimensioned.  It also has to show other details such as your fence, gates, electric and gas meter location.  A site plan will be included if you furnish us with a survey or a plot plan of your property.

Q: What are sealed plans?

A: Some states are now requiring plans to be reviewed and sealed by Professional engineer For an additional $250.00 we can provide a certified seal for you.  If the sealed site plan is also required there will be an additional charge.


Q: You are located in Florida. I'm in California. Can your  pool plans be submitted for permit in other states?

A. Our plans are used world wide and we can provide an engineer seal for many states. Including  California, Arizona, Nevada, Florida and New Jersey. 


Q: Can I build my own  pool or spa using your swimming pool plans?

A: Our very detailed plan can be used to build your own, subcontract, or get bids from several pool contractors. 

Q: Can you provide me with equipment I will need to build my swimming pool?

A: Yes, we sell swimming pool equipment at a discount and ship directly to you.  Your swimming pool equipment purchase includes free unlimited consultation during construction of your swimming pool.

Q: How do I order a swimming pool plans?

A: To order, please complete the online form, or call (954) 941-1124. A survey or sketch of your property is very helpful and sometimes necessary. Many building departments require a "site plan" of your property showing the proposed swimming pool with all dimensions to property lines, locations of electric and gas  meter.  If you provide us with plot plan or survey we will show the pool on your property and almost any shape can be sized to fit your property.

Q: How big, and how deep should I make my pool?

A: A typical swimming pool is 15’ to 20’ wide, 30’ to 40’ long. 3’ at the shallow end and about 6’ at the deep end. Diving pools are 8 feet deep minimum, and 34 feet long minimum.

Q: Am I limited to swimming pool shapes shown on your website?

A: You are not limited to the shapes we show on our site. Our design engineers can produce a set of plans from a sketch or photograph. Almost any shape can be sized to fit your property, or your specifications.

Q: What about building codes and permits?

A: Our pools are designed in accordance with the A.N.S.I./ N.S.P.I. standard for inground residential swimming pools. Every effort is made to comply with various localities and special requirements. In some areas swimming pools may require enclosures, fences, alarms and/or other safety equipment. Your local building department can provide you with that information.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (954) 941-1124

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